Proposal: more critical art

Striking is that no critical art is found. The art is not confronting: the filosofical message is many times expressed on a amusing and reminiscent way. A view pieces provoked controvery and were even replaced because of this.

Promoting bigger sizes

It’s true: the number of internationally famed artists is comparible with the numbers in Berlin and San Francisco. I would like to combine this fact with the fact that a common feature of the art in Amsterdam is the (small) size of the objects; most of the art is lifesize. This makes me promote bigger, more critical art made by more internationally famed artists.

Key-words of the projects in Amsterdam: critical, serious, big size, professional artist.

20 pieces of art are chosen from Beijing, Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Praque, San Francisco and Shanghai.
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Special feature Description Location Information Image
expressive On a thoroughly way this artwork expresses a strong and recognizable feeling. Beijing Click here
critical On a informal and creative way this artwork reflext on an international issue. Praque Click here
filosofical A strong image because of a fragile and essential instrument in a waterdriven city. London Click here
famous Beyond this aesthetic image lays an real issue on the environment. Praque Click here
big Playing with a strong identity and bigness. Beijing Click here
big Why would a grey stoney finishing be taken for granted? New York Click here
big Landscape that is without doubt an artwork. Milan Click here
critical An artwork depict a big issue stays closely in contact with the subject of the art. New York Click here
big An artwork reflects on a public and crowded space. Hong Kong Click here
big Material comes to live and meaningfull. Berlin Click here
big Even bright colors can bring up painful issues. Beijing Click here
critical On a peaceful spot the earth can break and seem to move. Beijing Click here
serious Hoping that the power of resistance (and not of evil) will be monumental. Shanghai Click here
critical A confronting interpretation of the national history. Praque Click here
critical A silent artwork brings up in actual local, national and international issue making use of existent art. Beijing Click here
critical This big artwork shows the actuality of real problems of people. Hong Kong Click here
big This artwork employs fully the surrounding space and shapes. Los Angeles Click here
big An old object becomes a homage to hard working people in a past periode. Shanghai Click here
big A heavy material in a fixed form moves freely and gentle. San Francisco Click here
big High tech can be ivocative. Beijing Click here
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